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    hand over hand

    Using a pencil, trace the outlines of your hands (right and left) onto a sheet of paper. Then, trace the outlines of your child's hands onto the same sheet of paper. It's perfectly fine, even recommended, that the lines intersect. Then, have your child color in (using crayons or colored pencils) the individual shapes any way their imagination inspires them. Do this as many times as you like on different sheets of paper, changing the placement of your hands on the sheet. Pick your favorites and hang them prominently (might look nice framed).


    shake that maraca!

    Take an empty plastic water bottle and peel off the label. Fill it halfway with dried peas, lentils, or beans. Screw the bottle top back on and secure with tape. You have a maraca! Have your child decorate it as they like and then shake it!

    Experiment with more empty plastic bottles, filling at different ratios for different sounds.


    la la la la la

    Have your child write a song. If you have a musical instrument in your home, have them play along as they sing their song. Videotape the performance or take pictures, and save the written lyrics.


    be creative!

    Have your child draw and color or paint a picture of his or her barefoot experience outside. Grab some grass and glue it on the artwork. Display for all to enjoy.

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