dancer's pose


Stand 3-4 feet across from your child with your feet a hip's width apart. Lift your right foot off the ground by bending your right knee. Place the top of your right foot into the palm of your right hand. Your right arm should be straight and down at your side with your palm facing out. It is important that you hold your foot with your right palm facing away from your body. Now that you are holding your right foot while balancing on your left, on the inhale, reach your left hand out in front of you, parallel with your shoulder, while also raising and extending your right foot and arm behind you, with your right foot pressing into your right palm. (Note: You will create more balance and height if you press the top of your foot into your right palm.) Your gaze should be over your left fingertips. Hold for five deep inhales and exhales. If you fall out, gracefully come back into the pose. Slowly come back to neutral, and repeat these steps, but this time on the opposite side. 

This is a great strength and balancing pose.

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