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    snow angels

    Bundle up with your child and enjoy the snow. Lay back, look up at the sky, and make snow angels. Feel the cool snow, listen to the wind blow, and slow your breath down.


    be a nephologist!

    Take your child outside, look up, and discuss cloud formations. It might be fun to document how the clouds change throughout the day or the week. Have your child document the types of clouds they see. Are the clouds cumulus (cotton type), stratus (flat or hazy and low) or cirrus (thin, wispy strands)? What is a cloud anyway?


    shadow dancing

    On the next sunny day, go outside with your child and find your shadows. Then dance, having fun with your shadows.


    tracks in the snow

    Bundle up with your child and get out, either in your yard or to your local park. Seek out animal tracks. Have your child guess what kind of animal made the tracks. Are they big? Small? Close together? Far apart?


    be an ornithologist

    Take your child to your favorite park and listen for the birds. You may not see them right away, but if you stop and listen you will hear them, even at this time of the year. You may notice them darting from tree to tree. You might also find ducks and geese frequenting their local pond for food. Sit back, observe, and develop hypotheses.