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    anything you can do i can do

    Go to a local playground or park. Let your child be the leader. Climb, slide, swing, hang like a monkey! Take advantage of the weather before playground structures are too cold to handle!



    half-k run

    Take a run around your block!

    Be a coach and guide your child through gentle stretches before breaking into a run, making sure to keep a steady pace and steady breath so you can reach your final goal. At the end of your run, have your child be the coach and guide you through some stretches. You will be amazed at the natural ability your child possesses to understand how to stretch the muscles you just used.


    autumn air

    Take your child to your favorite park and go on a nature hike. Enjoy the fallen leaves, the sounds, the smells, and breathe the crisp, fresh air of autumn.


    leaf pile

    I am sure you know the drill: you and your child enjoy raking the biggest pile of leaves you can. Take turns jumping into, running through, and hiding in the leaf pile. Then, either store and use the leaves for compost or bag them up properly for curbside compost.


    mud pie

    Find a cool, muddy spot in your backyard or in a park with a pie tin, a few shovels, and a pail. Lose yourself with your child in a mud pie adventure. There are many things in the environment that will enhance the pie. Be creative!

    And don't worry about the mess! It'll wash out!

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