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    be a dendrologist!

    Have your child take a leaf from every tree on your property with your help. As they gather the leaves, encourage them to run around the yard and imagine what it must feel like to be a leaf on a tree in the wind. When you've gathered your leaves, bring them inside and display them on a platter for all to enjoy. What kind of leaves are they?


    color hunt

    Take a slow walk around your block. Have your child take notice of how many different flower varieties and colors they see. Which is their favorite flower/color? Enjoy summer's bounty!



    During the day, grab a blanket and lie down on the grass with your child. Look up at the clouds. The clouds can be many different things. What do you see?

    At night, do the same, but look at the stars. Don't forget to make a wish if you see a shooting star.


    go outside!

    Go barefoot in the grass. Roll around and maybe play leap frog. Try some sommersaults!

    You can do this even if it's raining. (I trust you'll use common sense here -- in the event of a thunderstorm, take the outside fun inside!)

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