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    plough pose

    Lie flat on your back alongside your child on a yoga mat or on a carpeted floor. Your arms should be at your sides with your palms facing down and your fingers pointing toward your toes. On the inhale, zip your legs together and, using your core, bring them up at a 90° angle, keeping them straight, with your toes pointing toward the sky. On the exhale, fold your legs over your upper body, reaching your toes toward the floor. You should be looking at your knees. Again, keep your legs straight. On the inhale, roll yourself back to the previous 90° position. On the exhale, slowly lower your legs down to the ground. Repeat 4-5 times, slowly with the breath.

    This is a wonderful core strengthener and helps you to align your spine.


    ocean breath

    Sit comfortably cross-legged on the floor across from your child with your hands resting on your knees, palms either up or down. Your spine should be straight and your chin should be parallel with the ground. Inhale deeply through your nose into your lower belly, keeping your mouth closed. Exhale with your mouth open as if you are fogging up a mirror and make the sound of the ocean. Do several rounds of this (at least five). Take note how the sounds of your breath emulate the sound of the ocean. For a deeper appreciation of this breathing technique, try to do it with your eyes closed.

    Do this whenever you need to calm your nerves and catch your breath.


    chair pose 

    Stand facing your child in an open space with around 3-4 feet between you. Your feet should be together, with your big toes and heels touching. Inhale and bend your knees, keeping them zipped together. Raise your arms up. Although your hands are reaching upward, make sure your shoulders are down. Gaze at your fingertips. Hold for 5 deep inhales and exhales. On the exhales, try to bend your knees a little more, as if you're sitting in a chair. Release back to neutral. Do 3-5 more rounds. You should feel your core and thighs working. Challenge yourselves to see how low of a chair you can be!


    side angle stretch

    Find an open space, and stand facing your child, with about 3-4 feet between you. Open your arms and stand so that your ankles are directly under your wrists (wide stance). Turn your right foot at a 90° angle and then lunge on your right leg. Do not let your knee extend past your ankle (if you feel you want a wider stretch, slide your foot out a little more). Place your forearm against your right thigh with the palm of your hand facing up. Reach your left hand up and over, keeping your arm straight and in line with your left leg, and extend your fingers toward the sky. Your gaze should be up toward your left hand, and you should feel the stretch from the outer edge of your left foot through your left fingertips. Hold for five deep inhales and exhales, then come back to neutral. Repeat on the other side. Do as many rounds as is comfortable.

    This is an excellent pose for opening up your side body and strengthening your legs.



    Find an open space, and stand approximately five feet across from your child. Open your arms and stand so that your ankles are directly under your wrists (wide stance). Inhale, and place your hands on your hips. Exhale, fold forward, and place the palm of your left hand on the floor. It's okay if you have to bend your knees to do this. On the inhale, raise your right hand up towards the sky and gaze up at it. Exhale, bring that arm down and place the palm of your right hand on the floor. On the inhale, raise your left hand up towards the sky and gaze up at it.

    Repeat this sequence for five inhales and exhales. Try to slow your breath like a slow-moving windmill. Your child might want to move fast, but encourage them to slow down. Have them imagine that a very light breeze is blowing. This is great for concentration, and it's an excellent upper-body twist. Do as many rounds as is comfortable.