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    duck walk

    Find an open space. Stand across from your child. Make duck wings with your arms by holding your hands under your armpits. Bend at the knees and squat. Spread out your toes like webbed duck feet. Start walking around, heel to toe, using your entire foot, in straight lines, in circles, however you'd like. Flap your wings, and encourage your child to quack like a duck. Do this for as long as you can until you tire out.

    This is excellent for hip flexibility, leg strength, and coordination.



    Find an open space. Stand across from your child with your feet directly below your hips. Lift up your toes and press the four corners of your feet into the floor. Rest your palms open at your sides. Inhale, and lift your shoulders up to your ears. Exhale, and press your shoulders down and back. Your chin should be parallel to the floor. Allow your toes to drop, keeping the four corners of your feet pressing into the floor.

    Now, breathe five deep inhales and exhales. Challenge yourselves, and try keeping your eyes closed while attempting this pose. Do as many rounds as necessary until you feel as grounded and as powerful as a mountain.

    Talk about being a mountain, strong and tall! Think about standing tall like a mountain throughout your day.



    bee breath

    Find a quiet, warm spot and sit cross-legged or in lotus across from your child. With your spine straight, close your eyes and your mouth and slowly inhale through your nose. On the exhale, keep your lips together and make the mmmmmmm sound, simulating the sound of a bee. Share with your child the benefits that bees provide.

    Do four or five more rounds of deep inhales and exhales.

    This is an excellent way to calm the nervous system!


    fish pose

    Find an open space on a carpeted area or yoga mat. Lie down next to your child with your arms at your sides and your palms facing the floor. Lift your upper body up onto your elbows with your weight on your forearms and your palms. Your elbows should be in a straight line under your shoulders. Your fingers should be pointing toward your toes. Open your chest, arch your back, and tilt your head back carefully, pressing the top of your head into the floor. Hold the pose for five deep inhales and exhales.

    Take a break and ask your child what kind of fish he or she would like to be. Then do two more rounds.



    plank pose

    Find an open space, either on a carpeted area or on a yoga mat. Face your child on all fours, your palms pressing into the floor beneath your shoulders. Extend your left leg back, pressing the ball of your foot and toes into the floor. Then extend the right leg back the same way. The goal is to keep the body straight, as if you are at the top of a pushup. Keep the spine straight, with a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Hold the pose for five deep inhales and exhales. Release back to all fours. Repeat 2-3 more times.

    To make this fun, make silly faces and/or smile at your child. After doing this several times you will feel your core in action!

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